“Remote work: What is the impact on employees and how affect their productivity and performance?”

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Beatriz Selene Martínez Castañeda
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The current research was presented with the goal of figuring out what the impact on employees has been, as well as how it has impacted their productivity and performance. This study was made using a constructivist paradigm, an inductive approach, and a mixed methodology that included both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. The collection of main information was created in two ways: the first was through interviews with three managers to find out their perspective on managing employees remotely, and the second was through interviews with employees to find out their perspective as workers. On the other hand, in order to gain insight into the perspectives of 104 workers from a variety of nations, including Ireland, Mexico, and Pakistan, a series of surveys was conducted with them. These workers were asked about their experiences with the aforementioned work paradigm. The triangulation of the review literature, the primary material, and the author's perspective was used to arrive at the conclusions that were drawn from the data that was collected. The investigation is divided into five chapters, each of which contains information on the following topics: the investigation's objective, the issues upon which it is based, the methodology used, the investigative discoveries, and the conclusions drawn from them. The progress of this research has been especially exciting because it is about something that affects everyone in the world.
Martínez Castañeda, 2022