Workplace conflict resolution in the hospitality sector: The use of mediation as a tool to solve conflicts at work with international employees in Dublin.

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Gabriela Velasco Fabela
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As it is known having conflicts could happen in any stage of life and any moment, this research will show you some contend about what is mediation and how this could be an alternative dispute resolution tool in order to help the hospitality sector in Dublin. This investigation is based in Dublin, Ireland. As you might know Dublin has 365 bar around the city, basically one bar per day you can go a have a pint and look around the old story of the town. There are lots of bars / pubs and restaurants as well, and the hospitality in Dublin is one of the principles incomes of the country, but what happen inside them. The hospitality sector is not easy to work as you might think, dealing with everyday new customers is a challenge for those who work in this area. Dublin has increase the number of international workers around the city, Of course with the tourism this might be a challenge for those that English is not their first language. Communication is the base of all the good relationships does not matter if is sociable or more likely working environment. Everybody have had experience some kind of conflict at work, this could be for several reasons, this research will try to find the principal factors that employees face working in this sector. Also will try to reach the approaches that each one had towards any dispute at work and finally the knowledge of mediation as a tool to help the hospitality sector and the relationship employee and employer. The research will use a mix of methods, quantitative and qualitative data to support the ideas, this will be cross check with a survey with open and close questions. The findings of this research show that most employees had experienced at least one conflict at work and the principal finding is due the lack of communication between both parties. It is recommended for management team to choose a better way to solve conflicts at work and be more open with the staff and implement some changes if they want to improve this relationship with a better manage of conflicts the employees might get better at work. In conclusion the mediation can be the best ADR to help improve less conflicts in the hospitality sector.
Velasco Fabela, 2022