Bullying and harassment at the workplace and how mediation can be applied in these cases

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Gabriella de Oliveira
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In recent years the topic of bullying and harassment has become the subject of research by many scholars around the world. The aim of this paper is to present a careful analysis of the history of bullying and harassment and how organizations in Ireland have dealt with the issue in the workplace. Also, presenting the main characteristics of the mediation process and based on the learning of master's students in Dispute resolution understand if mediation can be the appropriate approach to manage conflicts involving bullying and harassment in the workplace. The research was conducted through questioning, where some students were asked to answer questions related to their learning in the mediation course. Based on the students' answers, it was identified that mediation is considered an appropriate approach to deal with conflicts involving this theme since the parties would have the opportunity to deal with the situation in a safe and friendly way.
de Oliveira, 2022