To what extent do intercultural communication barriers affect the dispute resolution process in the workplace?

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Mauren Johanna Monge Lizano
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The barriers of intercultural communication in the workplace, on the one hand, the barriers are obstacles that occur in the communication process and these obstacles can hinder, distort a message, and on the other hand that these barriers they present themselves in different ways, being predominant as different types of noise, also many times, he considers that the main barrier in the chain of communication is the clumsiness of the individuals involved. Constantin M. (Manea, 2015, online). Therefore, the purpose of this research is to determine and analyze to what extent intercultural communication barriers affect the conflict resolution process in the workplace, with the aim of delimiting how and in what way people immersed in work environments Intercultural people react particularly to communication barriers. For the development of this research, a series of decisions were made regarding the methodology to give more shape to the content, the deductive field was chosen, which was harmonized with the choice of the quantitative method with the support of the surveyquestionnaire as research strategy, in addition to a cross-sectional approach. Finally, the limitations of the object of study are exposed, as well as the discussion of the findings and conclusions. In relation to the contributions provided by the respondents, a large percentage expressed that they are interested in learning more about intercultural communication barriers, especially those of language, in addition to the techniques to recognize or to diagnose the conflict and based on that, resolve workplace disputes.
Monge Lizano, 2022