Bullying and harassment: The personal impact of conflict in the workplace

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Nancy Rosales Aguilar
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The purpose of the investigation is to explore the impact of workplace bullying and harassment on mental health. The paper starts with the background of the topic under discussion. To understand the relationship between work and mental health, sustained mechanisms of exposure to psychosocial dimensions of work that generate stress, damaging mental health have been identified. The first chapter of the study reviews the literature on the topic under discussion. Key concepts have been identified and discussed in this chapter. The second chapter of the study is about research methodology. For this research, the data collection method that was used as primary. The primary method of data collection can help in collecting first-hand information. The rationale behind using primary data was to collect first-hand information to suit the study's aim and objectives. Primary data has allowed to collect specific information, which has helped achieve the aim and objectives of the study. The third chapter is about the presentation of data where all source questions of data have been listed. The fourth chapter is the results and findings chapter, where study results have been shared. The next chapter is a discussion where a discussion on results has been made. Conclusion and a list of recommendations have been given on the basic research findings. Organizations are human constructions, and the way people operate management modes is that it can or cannot be favoured moral harassment, that is, violent relationships crisis exclusion and surveillance.
Aguilar, 2021