Management of Conflict and Retention within Irish Third Level Institutions

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Niamh Halpenny
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The aim and objective of this research is to explore conflict management systems within higher education and if the introduction of a conflict management process such as mediation can impact on retention numbers. I also aim to have a greater understanding as to why students disengage in higher education and to demonstrate the positive effects learner engagement can have on an institution. Lastly, I would like my research to make recommendations around the development and implementation of a national retention and conflict management strategy for higher education in Ireland. I used secondary research to develop a clear understanding of how conflict and retention is currently managed within third level education today. I adopted a qualitative research method, and the primary data was collected through an online questionnaire. The sample size of the study was 44 ranging from different higher education institutions in Ireland including private and public colleges in Ireland. I elected to engage with various institutions to ensure varying perspectives were reflected and to gather a stronger insight into a variety of strategies used by colleges in Ireland.
Halpenny, 2022