Managing Mindfulness in Dispute Resolution

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Alessandra Guevara
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This study focuses on exploring the importance and influence of Mindfulness in the context of dispute resolution practice. This subject has only recently been researched and little is known about its influence and relationship in dispute resolution. The research strategy was based on an in-depth literature research in conjunction with the collection of data. The latter was done through interviews with respondents who work on a full-time basis and with a mediator; these samples were chosen because disputes in the workplace are not uncommon. This study demonstrated that the benefits of mindfulness are paramount for dispute resolution as mindfulness helps dispute resolution practitioners to think with more clarity, to understand their needs, interests and those of their counterparts and therefore to make better decisions during disputes. The main conclusion derived from this study is the fact that most respondents address disputes using Mindfulness with a cognitive focus only and that they only know about Mindfulness at a basic level therefore it is strongly recommended that more research is done regarding the different focuses in which mindfulness can be oriented to (e.g., the emotional focus) and also research regarding the impact of informing dispute resolution practitioners of the benefits of using mindfulness
Guevara, 2020