How can mediation techniques help leaders to be neutral/impartial in a workplace dispute?

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Working with people with different education, culture and costumes and to avoid the appearance of conflicts is one of the biggest challeng nowadays, that is why conflict management is still a major challenge for organizations. This research seeks to identify the most recurrent organizational conflicts, based on the literature, the types, causes, and severity levels of conflicts are presented since to better understand conflicts, we must know their forms and types of occurrences so that when faced with a situation of friction we can identify it, choosing the best way of resolution. After identifying the conflict variables, it is necessary to think about the management of these situations, how this process is carried out by the managers, being necessary to pay attention to the strategies that will be adopted, as they define the proportion and impact that the conflicts will cause. In addition, I will identify some of the mediation techniques to help these leaders to deal with these conflicts’ resolution. The choice of the developed theme is due to the inevitable incidence of this subject and its importance for team management. Based on this research, we seek to contribute to the field of study regarding people management, adding knowledge regarding the harmonization of teams, providing managers and professionals with an overview of the variables that involve organizational conflicts. In order to have a better knowledge of the above I will divide the information in 3 chapters as described below: ● Chapter one – I will describe some of the main workplace conflicts, following some of the knowledge acquired in the workplace dispute subject, some books, and articles related to it and based on the research fulfilled with a sample of people. ● Chapter two - In this session, I will identify the effectiveness of the solution of these disputes when leaders adopt a neutral and impartial behavior and approach. ● Chapter 3 - The objective is to identify some of the mediation techniques, according to all the knowledge and practice used during the course to help leaders to deal with these situations.
Collyer, 2021