The Evolution and Cause of Conflict in the Relationship of Multicultural Couples in Ireland and the Value of Mediation on the Resolution of Disputes

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This paper aims to explore the evolution of conflict in the relationship of multicultural couples in Ireland and value of mediation on the resolution of disputes originated within multicultural couples, and also the cause of these conflicts. Furthermore, it will be reported which approaches can be applied to the management of these conflicts. Therefore this study will be important because it will help these couples to deal with their differences and not damage the relationship. Through the use and application of a quantitative methodology, it will be analysed existing information with the number of immigrants in Ireland, which will help to understand the cultural diversity existent in the country. Moreover, it will be sent a survey to foreigners living in the country, in order to assist the researcher in understanding the cause of conflicts in their relationship. This research will also discuss the value of mediation as an alternative to court to resolve arisen disputes originated by a relationship breakdown within these couples. To sum up, after analysing all the data and the literature review, it will be disclosed the results of this research reporting the leading cause of conflicts in a relationship of a multicultural couple and if they consider using mediation in order to resolve disputes in case of a breakdown in their relationship.
MAÇANA, 2020