Mediation Services for Conflict Resolution in Secondary Schools in China – What is the role of mediation for Chinese Teachers?

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This research is conducted in the secondary schools in China in order to explore more information about the mediation service used to settle the workplace conflicts, in particular the role of mediation that plays in the Secondary school conflicts and what relevant factors (especially individual’s efficiency, voice and equity) can impact the mediations’ outcomes. According to the research context, this research will be conducted in the secondary schools (in different cities) in China. The purpose of this research is to have a good understanding of the causes of the school workplace conflicts and mediation’s role in facilitating these disputes. It includes some good recommendations about the proper settlements. More importantly, by measuring the outcome with the three metrics (efficiency, equity, voice), they will improve their individual awareness of the interrelationship between the metrics and their satisfaction of the mediation outcomes in the secondary schools. Based on some existing empirical researches, they are more focusing on the disputes among the teachers, parents and students instead of just the teachers’ issues. There is little research in the workplace disputes among the teachers in the secondary school in China, that is why this study is worthy of deep exploration. All of the empirical results can be taken by the leaders and teachers in the schools for their future school policies and regulations advices.
ZHENG, 2021