Is Mediation a tool for resolution of disputes caused by workplace bullying in Ireland?

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Maria Lucia Rodriguez Gutierrez
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Mediation is one of the most commonly suggested ADRs in Irish workplaces when disputes occur between employees. They do, however, require a deeper and more thorough understanding of the advantages it provides in terms of workplace bullying. It is precisely where this research is gathered. This research aims to demonstrate whether Mediation is a process used as a tool to resolve conflicts caused by workplace bullying in the workplace in Ireland. The investigation is based on the Saunders method, supported by a survey to conduct the study and qualitative data analysis. The study examines how Mediation varies from other methods of resolving workplace conflicts and how Mediation can be used to resolve disputes arising from workplace bullying in Ireland. The research demonstrates that Mediation is one of the ADRs ideally suited to resolving this type of dispute since it allows for the resolution of disagreements between the parties. Furthermore, it has been shown that the value of such processes will aid in the repair of conflict-damaged workplace relationships. Mediation is essential for people to restore damaged situations in their work and personal lives because it provides a space where they can defend themselves by feeling like they can acknowledge past events and admit mistakes. While the Mediation Act of 20171 and the Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work support its strengths, this ADR must be widely disseminated, emphasising its advantages to all parties concerned, including employers and workers. This research offers suggestions that could help in spreading the strengths and benefits that this ADR offers in resolving conflicts caused by workplace bullying in Ireland.
Rodriguez Gutierrez, 2021