The main conflicts faced by healthcare professionals when caring for patients with dementia - by what means could these issues be tackled?

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Fernanda Lucio Dos Santos
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Despite the conflict being inherent in daily life, especially in the workplace, and not escaping the rule, the literature needs to present more studies related to healthcare professionals who provide care to patients with dementia and how this damages the environment and the employees involved. Furthermore, studies show that the conflict has several types of interpretation and may also require several means of analysis to resolve them in an effective and lasting way; disputes may need a different approach to resolutions even if they are lived in the same work environment. This dissertation was based on pragmatic philosophy and cross-sectional quantitative research. Vital data was drawn from the experience provided by 100 healthcare professionals (nurses and health care assistants) who work in a nursing home or home care companies in Ireland and have agreed to be part of this study, answering an internet-based survey. All information provided by these professionals was crucial and immeasurable to achieve the main aim and objectives proposed at the beginning of this study. The conflict faced daily by healthcare professionals presented several strands in the literature exposed in this work, which would hinder these employees from providing quality care to patients with dementia and develop better approaches. It would help the performance of their work functions, avoiding high absenteeism and complaints in the workplace. It was identified that qualifications training would be essential to improve patient care and also to improve the quality of life for these employees in the work environment. It is also important to note that one of the most cited causes of conflict was the omission or delayed administration of the healthcare manager by many employees interviewed in the survey. Still, a critical point was found to be incorporated in a subsequent study. Healthcare managers have outdated training and not finding 8 excellent and effective mentoring by the directors of these companies. Concluding then, this theme is essential and current in health organizations, both public and private, in Ireland and worldwide. Studies indicate that the population in some decades will reach double the census at the moment, with older people with dementias totaling almost 50 million with some dementia , according to WHO World Health Organization .
Dos Santos, 2021