The Dark side of a Dream An overview of the conflicts faced by the Brazilian nationals residents in Dublin while sharing an accommodation

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Jessica Cristine de Sá Silva
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Living overseas, getting to know a new language and a new culture are magical things dreamed for many worldwide. However this life might embrace challenges that are unimagined by those who idealize it, once confronted to conflicts that such experience might bring. This research is aimed to highlight the main conflicts faced by the Brazilian nationals residents in Dublin and the possible solutions available to resolve it. To achieve such objective, this research will go through the analysis of two core elements  Conflict: before exploring the ways to resolve a conflict, it is necessary to comprehend the elements that constitute a conflict. To do such, the research will explain Maslow‟s theory of human needs, Christopher Moore‟s circle of conflict, the dynamics of conflict, power and the impact that culture has in a conflict.  Mediation: the research will present mediation as a potential tool to reach resolution in conflicts of this nature. Therefore it will be presented the origins of this process, how it has become popular in the XX century and how is given the internalization of this process by the Irish Legal system  Brazilian community: the research will also explain how the Brazilian community was issued in Dublin and the elements that stimulates the continuous growth of this group. Also, it will be presented the substantial changes in the profile of this group and the reasons for such. For last, a convergence of theory and practical conflicts faced by the Brazilian community in Dublin will be presented, through the testimony given by a sample of this population. In summary, the research will highlight the challenges faced by this community and also possible alternatives for resolution.
de Sá Silva, 2021