The Challenges of Communication of Non-native Speakers at the Workplace Dispute Resolution Scenarios

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Marilene Cardoso de Araújo
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This study is dedicated to the challenges and difficulties experienced by non-native speakers in the dispute resolution setting in the workplace. The emerging proliferation of international students suggests that a growing number of ESL/EFL applicants will be hitting different companies in their search for employment opportunities. The companies are believed to benefit most from the adequately established protocols that regulate internal communication. Thus, the research unveils that businesses with ESL/EFL employees who struggle due to misunderstanding and flawed dispute resolution mechanisms are subjected to faster burnout and plummeting job satisfaction. The research draws information from the current scholarly literature as well as from the primary research to identify the critical aspects of communication between native and non-native speakers in English-speaking environments. The recommendations rest on the theoretical frameworks and empirical findings presented in other studies that emphasize the effectiveness of online dispute resolution tools and project-based learning initiatives designed to improve the language proficiency of the ESL/EFL personnel members. The study also emphasizes the importance of cultural awareness programs for contemporary businesses to diminish the communication gap and equip the organizations with the competencies needed for the future state of the global labor market.
Cardoso de Araújo, 2021