Cross-Culture Conflicts and Mediation in the Workplace

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Raisa Cristina Batista Santos
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This dissertation was written as part of the MA in Dispute Resolution at the Independent College Dublin (ICD). Conflicts in the workplace resulting from cultural differences are expected and commonly found. Culture is a crucial aspect to analyse workplace relationships, both in terms of communication and behaviour. Self-awareness is necessary to understand the similarities and cultural differences present among the members of a group. When an early resolution through mediation is found, cultural conflict is less likely to result in discriminatory episodes. This dissertation aims to evaluate the importance of mediation and self-awareness in cases of cultural conflict in the workplace. The findings were based on a survey in which ninety-one people voluntarily took part. The questionnaire included questions related to culture clash, the reporting of cultural conflicts, mediation to solve cultural conflicts and cultural inclusion in the workplace. The findings showed that people recognise the benefits of using mediation to resolve cultural conflict in the workplace. However, the lack of training of professionals in management-level positions and the absence of institutional openness to dialogue on cultural differences represent a challenge to creating a more culturally integrative organisational culture.
Batista Santos, 2021