Conflict resolution skills: the relation between nonviolent communication and mediation

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Barbosa Barreto, Carolina
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This research was born from the need to deepen the knowledge about non-violent communication (NVC), bringing a positive reflection on how these communication skills can be valuable for everyone and especially for mediators, who work directly with conflicts. To do so, through the contributions of several authors were used, in particular, Marshall Rosenberg, creator of NVC. This research proposes to address the issues of nonviolent communication and mediation in conflicts, verifying whether these methodologies are connected and/or complementary. Another relevant question for this study arose from the question about the mediators' conflict resolution skills and personal qualities, valuing cooperation and collaboration. This study therefore springs from what expected qualities of mediators contemplate and integrate non-violent communication, which focuses on dialogue to bring connection and compassion. Through an online survey aimed at mediators was possible to investigate whether they primarily know about nonviolent communication, understand their challenges in their practices, whether mediators use NVC and whether this has somehow changed the way they mediate. The questionnaire gained more clarity with the data acquired by drawing meaningful conclusions and suggestions.
Barreto 2021