Are there benefits of promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution in solving in-house workplace disputes?

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Brenda Natalia Mucio Hernández
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Solving disputes within workplaces has been an attractive way for all the parties due to the way of maintaining or enforce relationships and avoid time, costs and other resources that the alternative dispute resolution offers instead of litigation. This research was focused on identifying if there are of promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution in solving in-house workplace disputes and there were other objectives within the study: • To explain the Alternative Dispute Resolution process in Ireland and identify the advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution versus litigation. • To evaluate promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution for resolve disputes in-house workplace. • To analyse the importance for design a system of alternative dispute resolution in workplace disputes. The research included a hypothesis and was based on the fact that there are some different options and opinions that could derivate on choose or not the alternative disputes resolution for solve disputes within workplaces and if there are benefits for promoting the alternative dispute resolution in the workplaces. The research was limited to Ireland but included background and references from other countries for definitions and comparisons or experts in the subject. The study concluded even the organisations have procedures for solving disputes within the workplace, some employees don’t know the process for solving the disputes. This means that the organisations could improve or design systems that help the employees to solve disputes. The study as well concluded that the organisations are using alternative dispute resolution to solve disputes in-house but using a mediator that is external to the company and some organisations have employees that have been trained to solve the disputes within the workplace. The study supported that the employees prefer to solve the conflicts internally for the advantages that the alternative dispute resolution include. This means that using alternative dispute resolution could be promoted by the organisations, the organisation could improve the way of spreading the procedures for solve disputes in-house and explain the benefits of the alternative dispute resolution to the employees.
Hernández, 2021