A look into the reasons for consumers behavior change when deciding to adopt a plant based diet and its impacts and consequences on the market and environment

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Naisa de Almeida Cunha
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We can say that nowadays a growing market is the market for alternatives to food based on animal protein. Over the years, it was noticed that there was an increase in people looking for this alternative, which are plant-based foods. The increase in foods, including beverages that are of plant origin, is notable, and this results in an impact on the market and favors the plant- based alternative industry, which presents a great challenge for the meat industry. In order to have a better understanding of the change in consumer behavior in relation to their food diet, this project aims to investigate what these factors are and what are the impacts of this change on their lives. The reasons that prompted this change will be investigated and they are related to ethical, health and environmental issues.
de Almeida Cunha, 2022