mpact of Environmental Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior in Irish Food Industry

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Romulo Galdino Lomba
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The increasing adverse effect on the environment due to human activities has raised the environmental concern. The research focuses upon the impact of environmental factors on the green purchasing behavior in the Irish food industry. These environmental factors include social influence, environment attitude and concern, concern of self-image and green marketing. The Irish food industry has grown rapidly over the past years and is expected to grow which also indicates new variety in food industry, thus it is important to understand environmental factors which can lead to green purchasing behavior to reduce the impact on environment. Quantitative research method has been used, and the primary data is collected using survey questionnaire. The research and its results are based upon the secondary and primary research, based upon the findings specifically from the Irish food industry. The results shows that these environmental factors have positive impact on green purchasing behavior, additionally most of the consumers are also willing to pay higher price for environmental friendly products in food industry and reduce the wastage.
Galdino Lomba