The impact of technology on the animal adoption process in Dublin

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Magli Klock da Silva
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Given the number of abandoned animals in Dublin in the recent post-pandemic period, considering Dublin's population and charity activities, a question originated from this context: how have technologies impacted the animal adoption process in Dublin? Thus, to answer this question, the research aimed to investigate how charities are organised and operate and what technologies are involved in these processes in Dublin. During the research project, fourteen charities were invited within the Dublin area in Ireland. The research was composed of fourteen questions with a semi-structured interview. It is reasonable to emphasise that only two charities accepted the invitation to participate in the research, and we could identify two different realities. Charity number one has a formal approach regarding animal adoption. They analyse possible adopters through a form and consider that financial issues are the main reason technology is not implemented. Charity number two has an informal approach to animal adoption; they prefer to keep this way and consider people's age as the main impediment to technology deployment. However, there was a limitation in the number of charities participating; it gave us an insight into the reality of these two charities. In order to enhance the results of this study, future research involving technology in animal adoption is advised.
Klock da Silva, 2022