Mediating conflict in the LGBT+ community

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Luciano Rodrigues Pereira Júnior
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This study investigates the role of mediators in enhancing the effectiveness of Mediation with members of the LGBT+ community. The purpose of this research is to serve as a guide for mediators by establishing which practices should be adopted during and before Mediation to increase LGBT+ individuals' confidence in using this procedure to resolve their conflicts. Based on an interpretivism philosophy and inductive approach, two surveys were conducted using a mixed methodology to collect quantitative and qualitative data – one with ten Mediators and another with one hundred fourteen persons, the majority of whom were LGBT+. The examination of the collected data revealed that most mediators are confident in their ability to resolve LGBT-related matters. Despite this, half of the sample believes that all parties participating in mediation would benefit from specially trained mediators. According to the survey of LGBT+ individuals, virtually all respondents felt that rather than being a certain age, gender, sexual orientation, or believing in a specific religion, mediators should have a greater understanding of LGBT+ culture and be empathetic while dealing with their sensitive issues. It was concluded that mediators' qualifying training should include discussion of LGBT+ issues and the applicable legislation in order to make the mediation process more inclusive and efficient for them
Rodrigues Pereira Júnior, 2021