The impact of technology on Conflict Management: An examination of Online Dispute Resolution and the challenges that emerge from electronic commerce.

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Kamilla Mendes Matos
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This study aims to understand the impact of technology on conflict management, specifically in what concerns the interplay between Online Dispute Resolution and Electronic Commerce. This research assesses the biggest challenges faced by online consumers, traders and the EU Commission regarding electronic disputes while investigates the influences affecting the growth of ODR and its penetration into the electronic market as a dispute resolution service. This research is based on the inductive approach, using qualitative and quantitative mixmethods. Primary data was collected through conversational interviews and secondary data was gathered through the EU Commission online sources as also reliable literature and reports. Epistemology with focus on interpretivism was adopted as this study philosophy. This study has found that the engagement of traders and consumers in ODR mechanisms is a big challenge to be overcome. The fact that trader’s participation on ODR systems is voluntary appears as a great aspect to determine the success of such tools. The lack of information and awareness about ODR mechanisms among people residing in Europe, not only consumers but also traders, are another important finding in what concerns the penetration of ODR mechanism as a dispute resolution service. Finally, lack of digital skills, expertise and understanding of ecommerce was found to have a significant effect in the growth of the digital market.
Mendes Matos, 2021