The impact of workplace dispute resolution on Employee’s satisfaction and productivity in an organization in Ireland

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Isadora Silva Araujo
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Ireland's organization can run virtually their conflict management drills, anticipating the problemsolving strategies that any district or public solution might suffer. Still, workplace conflict management doesn't work in a vacuum. In the longer term, a range of public organisations have been arranged to resolve workplace conflicts in various ways. It is quite difficult for organisations to monitor workplace conflicts. The developing figures answer by proposing different types of Alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs). As examples of workplace conflict have shifted from general issues to individual complaints, companies and public help societies have turned to intervention, line managers, advocacy, internal debate committees, facilitation and avoidance as options rather than long-established strategies for complaints and debate, state reconciliation organizations and courts. The research aims to analyze the impact of workplace dispute resolution practices on the satisfaction and productivity of an employee in an Irish organisation adopted the qualitative research design. Interviews are conducted based on the research topic. Interviews are conducted from people working in the Irish organizations. The results have shown that conflict resolution places an essential role in employee’s productivity and satisfaction level at workplace
Silva Araujo, 2022