Workplace Dispute Management The Role of Human Resources training and development in resolving workplace disputes

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Zohaad Ali Haidri
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The primary objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of human resource training and development in resolving workplace disputes. The research should concentrate on Human Resources' general function as a department, as well as on the impact of Human Resources training and development on workplace dispute resolution in particular. Additionally, this research will examine the root cause and triggers of a dispute at workplace, dispute resolution techniques and methods, and the importance of workplace dispute management training. A quantitative study was conducted in the form of an online survey to investigate what dispute management practices are in use, whether Human Resources had adopted any dispute Resolution procedures and conducted training sessions to educate employees, and whether the Human Resources training and development were employing any innovative methods of providing knowledge. Moreover, the purpose of the survey was to get more information from respondents about their workplace experience and working environment, whether it is a working relationship with co-workers, managers, or with human resources. The literature review research was conducted to get more academic knowledge on the issue of workplace dispute resolution. The aim was to get more guidance through the work of previous authors who had done deep research or studies in the field of workplace dispute resolution. The literature review section will talk about causes, impact and tackling workplace disputes. Moreover, this section is heavily influenced by the main research topic of human resources training and development and its performance as the department in general. Section 3 covers the methodology, conclusion, and discussion will be discussed in the later chapters.
Haidri, 2021