Imposter Syndrome and its relation to foreign people in conflicts

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Josemar Gonçalves Gomes
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This is a dissertation associated with the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution at Independent College. The main objectives of this study were to investigate how Imposter Syndrome can affect the lives of people in immigrant conditions and how these people face this feeling. A qualitative questionnaire was carried out, containing closed and open questions to gather all the data relevant to this research. For primary analysis, a study was conducted, where the approach to the questions was prepared according to the research objective and ethical requirements. Through the analysis of all the data collected, the researcher presented challenges, conflicts, and emotions that the participants faced throughout their academic, personal, and especially professional experiences. As a result, the researcher noted that most participants believe that once they are abroad, feelings of inferiority tend to be intensified. Above all, when situations of cross-cultural conflict occur, they tend to cancel each other out and fear failure to communicate. However, conflict can also occur for other reasons, such as different values, cultures and beliefs, emotional issues, or religion. A better understanding on the part of individuals on how to improve the way they process their thoughts and undo limiting beliefs would help improve the way they deal with their feeling of inferiority.
Gonçalves Gomes, 2022