The Benefits of Social Worker Professionals Being Trained with Dispute Resolution Tools.

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Gabriela Freitas de Oliveira
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The present work has as its theme the role of the social worker in the mediation of family conflicts, concepts and application. For the development of this research, the methodology of the bibliographic review was adopted, which is based on books, magazines and articles that address the topic, and that could contribute to the development of the research. Thus, the general objective of this research seeks to present the benefit of frontline professionals, such as social workers, being trained with de-escalating tools in relation to initial family conflicts. The specific objectives seek to: approach and conceptualise what is and what is the role of the social worker and it’s performance in the mediation of conflicts; to present and conceptualise what conflicts are, highlighting the conflicts that occur within the family and their types; to investigate the literature on what mediation of family conflicts is, how it can be developed; to point out the importance of the social worker and its qualification for the mediation of family conflicts. Finally, this research leaves the topic open, proposing that new research be carried out in the future to contextualise what has been presented here. Along with this new contextualisation research, a case study is suggested.
Freitas de Oliveira, 2022