Introduction of the mediation culture in the Human Resources area within the company (Pepsi Celaya, Mexico)

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Janette Castro Ortega
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This research work referred to the proposal to establish Mediation as a tool in the Resolution of Labor Conflicts in the company Gepp (Pepsi, Mexico) to provide efficient solutions to problems within the workplace. The work carried out in its initial stage was developed based on the need of the personnel to improve the company's human relations, internal communication relations, conflicts, conflict resolution, and mediation. Its middle phase of the investigation presents the surveys carried out on the part of the internal staff. In addition, to obtain accurate and objective information, the deductive method was used, which helped us analyze the problem objectively. Techniques such as survey and interview were also used for a better understanding of the results with the espective analysis was carried out. interpretation of each of them, the results obtained became the fundamental basis to evaluate the viability of the proposal for implementing the culture of mediation in the company
Castro Ortega, 2022