Emotional Intelligence a Tool for Help Mediators to Manage Conflicts

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Edilma Carvalho
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The purpose of this research is to know how important emotional intelligence is for Mediators. It is about conflict resolution and mediators; however emotional intelligence is the key to facilitate any work and improve the quality of life of those who apply it wisely. Knowing about yourself and knowing how to deal with internal conflicts is also something very important, because if we do not know how to deal with our challenges, it is more difficult to help someone else. When it comes to pursuing personal objectives, people require pleasant emotional experiences, liberty, and self-determination. Connection to the community and healthy social contacts are also necessary. Also, the aim of this research is to explore the importance of Emotional Intelligence for the mediators e how they can apply this method in their conflict resolution, also their perception of interpersonal conflict and how to handle interpersonal conflicts and external conflicts. The objective of this research is to identify effective ways about Intelligence Emotional and conflict resolution. This will show that it is possible to train the mind to have better results and that the more to know how to deal with emotions, the better the chance of success. Emotions play a critical role in the quest for a peaceful settlement to a conflict, but they are frequently misunderstood and ineffectively handled by the disputants, as well as improperly regulated and managed by the specialists assisting the parties.
Carvalho, 2022