Analysis from the perspective of the communication process, how atmosphere can influence in a family law mediation session

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Christian Arturo Zárate Coronel
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Mediations sessions family law, are an alternative dispute resolution method generally accepted for being easy to process to help parties to settle an agreement, while avoiding wastage in time and money and emotional stress. As with many social processes this technique has its core in communication. But communication can go further than just a conversation between the parties in a dispute, other factors exist that can improve the performance of the communication in the mediation session. As a result, the outcomes can be described as favourable. This research analysed five elements, Music, Aroma, Colour, Lighting and Room temperature; immersed in the atmosphere to approve or disqualify the theory for their use and contributions. A Mix qualitative and quantitative methodological approach was used, to proof or reject the implementation of this elements, it was essential to get the opinion of three important groups, the first two actors directly in a mediation session, and the last one a professional third opinion of an expert in the field of study, a Psychologist. Questionnaire, surveys, structured interviews, examples of other case studies to create an analogy similar in a different context, for instance, Starbucks and Zara, and technique of observation of archived videos of Mediation session, were analysed and presented. The findings suggested that a relationship exists between the majority of these elements associated with the performance in human behaviour, also eliminating the idea of the use of one element, demonstrating that even if in other fields it can be useful, for this study, it is not. All this analysis is supported by the professional opinion of the expert that enriched and contributed value to the outcomes.
Zárate Coronel, 2020