Could Mediation Be Used To Manage Bullying in DEIS Irish Primary Schools

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This study focuses on answering the question: Could mediation be used to manage bullying in DEIS Irish Primary Schools?. Using a two-phase sequential exploratory research design with an induction approach and a pragmatic philosophy, the following objectives were intended to be covered: To analyse the mediation process and its potential use to manage bullying within a primary school context. To find out the current situation of DEIS primary schools in Ireland regarding bullying management and their knowledge regarding mediation. To outline how mediation could be used to manage and prevent bullying in DEIS primary schools in Ireland. In the first phase, 19 studies in relation to bullying and mediation in schools, from the year 2000- 2020 with the exception of two studies from 1996 were included due to their relevance. These studies were reviewed using a thematic analysis. In the second phase, an online survey intended to explore the current situation regarding bullying and mediation in the 95 DEIS Primary Schools added to the DEIS program in 2017. The low rate of response of 10.5% did not allow to drawn meaningful results but provided insight into the need for further research. Findings were that mediation had been used in an educational context in countries like USA and Canada with the modality of Peer Mediation, meaning a student acts as the mediator, and this showed to be very effective in managing bullying conflicts. There are other more methods for managing bullying that proved to be effective, nevertheless, they do not offer the social skills that mediation provides; therefore this study supports the use of mediation and outlines an integrative mediation strategy to manage bullying in DEIS Primary Schools based in the findings of this analysis.