Inflation impact on immigrants in Ireland and its consequences Olha Kozina 2023-03-09T12:16:47Z 2023-03-09T12:16:47Z 2022
dc.description.abstract The intent of the thesis is to analyse the effects that inflation has on the lives of immigrants who reside in a developing nation, namely Ireland, and to determine the extent to which their awareness of inflation is connected to the impact that it has on their day-to-day activities. I conducted research on people who relocated to Ireland for the purpose of working or attending school, and I also examined the data for the past few years regarding the cost of living in order to analyse the impact of inflation. The immigrant population was selected as the primary focus because, on average, immigrants make greater use of the services offered in this country compared to native-born citizens. These services include things like college tuition, renting, and language classes. In addition to this, the paper will demonstrate the significance of having an understanding of inflation as well as the connections between the two.
dc.identifier.citation Kozina, 2022
dc.language.iso en
dc.title Inflation impact on immigrants in Ireland and its consequences
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