Challenges for International Students Flavia Rocha Dias 2023-04-13T15:40:50Z 2023-04-13T15:40:50Z 2022-11
dc.description.abstract The research is conducted to find out the impact of internationalization on the foreign student living and studying in Ireland. The primary motivation for conducting this research is to find real time challenges of the foreign students studying abroad in context specifically related to Ireland. The research has opened the doors for betterment of the life of foreign students in Ireland and paved path for further research. The approach used for conducting this research is a mixed approach using primary and secondary research data including survey questionnaire and in-person interviews. The study is formulated based on a population sample of 63 respondents. The respondents are selected from the different universities, and all were foreign students from different countries. The data observations obtained are coded as variables in SPSS to run statistical data analysis to derive results. Overall, the study shows the significance in the results obtained of Cost of living and Work restrictions shows that low wages with specified working hours per week affects the affordability for the students’ living cost and the house owner preference for the Irish natives for renting house tends to create it challenging to find occupancy for the international students. The in-person interview revealed that psychological stress post covid and stress of communication barrier impacts the productivity of foreign students in Ireland.
dc.identifier.citation Rocha Dias, 2022.
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dc.title Challenges for International Students
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