The preparedness of Accountancy students after two years of online classes

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Atila Grings
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Covid19 brough a disruption to the world when forced cities into lockdowns and economies to a recession. For university students, it meant a move from in campus classes to the online version. In general terms such a move shouldn’t represent a significant change, but for courses like accounting, in which students are faced with long analysis and calculations, a lack of adoption of new methodologies (methods of teaching) could influence their final results. This research had as objective finding out if accounting students would be prepared to face real life after college. Not only in the marketplace but also the qualifications exams they have ahead them, therefore, “The preparedness of Accountancy students after two years of online classes”. It is important to note though, that the focus is analysing the disruption through the student’s points of view, this research if not focusing on blaming colleges or lectures for the student’s results. After surveying accountant’ students for about 3 months, questioning them about their own methods of study, their level of engagement and how lectures could influence their results, the researcher was able to come up with results. The results were clear. Most of the 38 students who engaged in the survey, from four Irish Universities, considered themselves happy with the methodologies used during online classes and the teaching methods chosen by lectures. In conclusion, the student’s preparedness is associated more with their own engagement during the course instead of just a matter of having classes in the campus or online, with the majority happy with their own results
Grings, 2022