Exploring the Financial Life of International Students in Ireland in 2022

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Rafael Rodrigues
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Ireland has become a Central pole for International students in the past few years. There are many reasons why students choose Ireland over other countries for their higher education. Some of the reasons are that the country has a wealthy cultural heritage, the people are very friendly and welcoming, there is a high standard of living, and it has a very high-quality education. However, International students may face some difficulties when related to money matters. This Research was conducted to understand and explore the patterns of students’ Financial lives in Ireland, the motivation for this study comes from the interest of the author to discover if International students are prepared or have been educated to manage their finances among everything that being a student abroad brings. the language barrier, different cultures and being apart from their family has a direct influence on it. In order to support the main goals of this paper, a Literature review has been conducted on existing studies about Financial Education, demonstrating how can it help students if teach from early stages in their life, also, literature about Ireland's situation has been researched and authors thoughts about financial management and planning. In addition, this study conducts a survey in order to a real experience of students about the themes. Findings and discussion bring the results for the questionnaire, using descriptive analysis to comprehend the results and compare with the literature review, highlighting supportive and contrastive points presented by authors in comparison with students and demonstrating how important financial education is for students and how it should be discussed in a more widely view
Rodrigues, 2022