What international students know about finances in Ireland?

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Ana Paula Rodrigues
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Ireland has grown as a study abroad destination over the past decade. Many international students come here with the aim of developing their language and getting an academic education. However, living outside your country of birth requires some important skills such as dealing with finances. This means understanding how the host country's financial system works and being able to live within a budget. The information acquired for this project's purposes came from secondary research in the literature review. To get statistical information, an online survey among international students was conducted. This study aimed to provide an insight regarding what students know about finances in Ireland and how it affects their quality of life while in the country. This is because many studies suggest that the sooner individuals learn to deal with their own finances, the better their daily performance will be and, consequently, their quality of life will be directly affected. The results showed that despite having prepared themselves financially to get here, there are still many questions about finance that remain unanswered in the minds of these students and a scenario with everything to be promising becomes complicated. Although many of them think about investing in the country after graduating, the lack of financial education and economic difficulties make them rethink their long-term plans.So, the tendency is for them to return home
Rodrigues, 2022