Why People Donate to Charity

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Rodrigo Marques
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The study into the Irish non-profit sector led to the creation of this document. Its goal was to comprehend how the Irish charity environment operates, and through analysing the sector's regulations, the theme will focus attention on Ireland's charity regulation. The elderly, children, homeless, ill, and individuals with special needs are the most often supported groups by Irish charities throughout the year. Irish charities assist numerous communities and needy people all over the world in accordance with the Charity Act and Code of Governance. By surveying colleagues, business professionals, and the Irish community that donates to charities, a quantitative approach was applied. The project can act as a conduit for routine tasks and fresh research that will help the Irish sector by drawing on working experience. The goal of this initiative and the work in this subject is to illustrate the legal underpinnings of the non-profit sector.
Marques, 2022